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Garject is a garlic press that presses unpeeled garlic, scrapes itself clean, and even ejects the peel.

Crush Multiple Cloves Without Peeling

Garject is one powerful garlic press: it easily and completely presses multiple garlic cloves at once, without the need to peel first.

Garject: Steel Garlic Press

Scrapes Clean

Garject automatically scrapes off any excess garlic and cleans itself as your open the handle.

Garject: Steel Garlic Press

Eject the Peel

Simply push the 'peel eject' button to shoot the peel into the bin, rinse under water and Garject is perfectly clean.

Garject: Steel Garlic Press

Clever Design, Clean Hands

Clever design ensures all of the pressed garlic gets into your meal and never on your fingers.

Garject: Steel Garlic Press
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