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Membo is a daily reminder tool that flips over to let everyone know if a job has been done yet. Whether it’s feeding the dog, cat, fish or turtle, watering the plants or taking your daily pills, when today’s task is done just flip today’s tile over on your Membo. Done!

Know in an Instant

Instantly know if a daily task has been completed - Membo makes sure you remember to do it and get it done.

Change Your Icons

Easily customize the flipping icons on your Membo tiles to match your pet to feed or job to do. Dog, Cat, Fish and Tick icons are included with your Membo.

Download Extra Icons

You can download more great icons here. To download the hand, pill, bird, flower and rabbit CLICK HERE.

Share it Around

Great for shared jobs in families, schools, offices, and shared-houses, like feeding a pet, watering a plant or collecting the mail.

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